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Bridging Japanese Medicine and the World.
This is the website of medical translator, Shiho Koizumi. With a passion for connecting Japan’s medical fields and the rest of the world, she contributes to society through medical translation and other various academic activities. Here, you will find information about Shiho Koizumi’s activities such as lectures, seminars, and events.


Will present about self-health awareness for freelancers for IJET-31 (Fukuoka, Japan).
Postponed to 2021.


Shiho Koizumi

  • A dedicated Medical/Pharmaceutical translator, Shiho is quite active within the Japan Association of Translators (JAT) as both a board and JATPHARMA SIG steering committee member. She is also a Master of Public Health candidate enrolled at Kyoto University School of Public Health since April 2020. Shiho translates a broad range of medical documents including academic papers and focuses on health literacy and medical English education, teaching med/pharma translation at translation schools and lecturing on medical statistics at various seminars.

Professional societies and committee services:

  • Japan Association Translators (JAT)
    Role: JAT Board, JATPHARMA SIG Steering committee member
  • Japan Translation Federation (JTF)
  • Japan Medical and Scientific Communicators Association (JMCA)
  • Japan Society of Clinical Trials and Research (JSCTR)
  • Japan Society for Medical English Education (JASMEE)

Main fields of translation:

  • Academic papers, clinical study documents (e.g., Study Protocols, Investigator's Brochures, Clinical Study Reports, Statistical Analysis Plans), regulatory documents (e.g., Common Technical Documents, Summary Technical Documentation), and post-marketing documents.


  • Journal articles, medical statistics, clinical study documents, CIOMS, etc.

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